8th Euro Asia Curry Award

8th Euro Asia Curry Award

Euro Asia Curry Award

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Euro Asia Curry Award

Established in 2015, By Award-winning Asian chef and international hotel developer Shorif Khan, with 18 years of experience as well as former Patak’s development chef.

He has developed 1800 Asian restaurants and takeaways from Bangladeshi restaurants, Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Thai Restaurants, Pakistani restaurants, Napalis restaurant, Malaysia restaurants & Takeaway, Many more, other, Restaurants developing uk & Bangladesh also Worktogher and training young chefs.

“I, Shorif khan have a dream to inspire this generation to grasp onto their roots and produce innovative curry dishes aswell as improving the quality of service to customers. My father, Late Moslom Uddin Khan is my hero. I follow his principles and all the advice he had given me and I wish to continue his legacy” Euro aisa Award support charity in Bangladesh and other countries.

Euro Asia curry award Founder CEO
Shorif Khan

Euro asia curry award 2024 Trophy

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Euro Asia Curry Award Achievements -

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Nasim Ali OBE

Former Camden Mayor

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Hannah Chowdhury

Former mayor of worthing and counselor

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Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed Speaker

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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Special Award for Community service

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